mandag, september 30, 2013

September back then!

Thought I would do something fun, and have a flashback of all my September's since I got my first digital camera, meaning from 2010-2012. (I didn't get my SLR before 2011). Enjoy :)


I had a thing for doing my nails in all kinds of colours and patterns, although I weren't very good at it. And I loved decorating my phone, obviously.

Two of my friends moved to Trondheim and I was going to live with one of them!

My bestie was now my neighbour, and both where quite excited about it!

I had a very cool haircut which I loved.

My bestie's boyfriend also moved with her and all four of us had so much fun!

We also celebrated my bestie's b-day with eating sushi <3 We had already reached desert on this pic.

And I had a very awkward style, which I back then just loved to death.


September in 2011 started with me buying two pair of shoes on eBay for the first time. 

I had over the spring/summer started wearing eyelashes. Everyday. I was crazy hooked on and inspired by Japanese fashion. Mainly Gyaru. 

My favourite hairstyle was the bun on top of the head, and I loved wearing fake nerd glasses. 

I also bought cool caps from a kpop site, and I loved these TEAMLIFE caps to death. Still do. 

I was also addicted to the baseball jacket, and bought one whenever they where on sale. 

I often fell asleep on the couch doing homework or reading magazines. 

And since I purchased my dear Nikon 3100 in august 2011, I  walked around in the city snapping pictures of whatever!


4th of September  was the day I flew over the sea to Wolverhampton in UK. I was going to do my last year on my bachelor there. 

I had my first cup of Starbucks coffee, ever. I was thrilled. 

I was travelling down with 3 other Norwegian girls and we spent days exploring around. 

After getting a house to rent, we learnt our route to the school and saw the building we would spend lots and lots of hours in. The School of Arts and Design building. 

We also had to go to an English bank and get us English debit cards. 

And I kept drinking Starbucks coffee whenever I had the chance. 

Introduction week and first week on uni was kind of boring so I read a lot of interior magazines ad started folding them just for fun. 

We had a lot of animals in the backyard and there was birds bathing on the little roof outside my bedroom window whenever it had been raining. 

I learnt that wine was very cheap in UK, and often spent evenings reading books for my dissertation accompanied with a glass of wine. 

We also established pizza Friday pretty early and loved it!

And having lived with only a shower for years, I used the bathtub in the house frequently. Accompanied  with a glass of wine and incense of course!

Next up I'll do a summary of September 2013 if anyone is interested :)

X X O X X   ( [ ] u [ ] ) y ~ 

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