lørdag, juni 22, 2013

Summer breeze 2~

Just a couple of hours before we are leaving with the bus heading to the airport, heading towards Alcudia actually. I am in the middle of packing, and as I have never been in the southern Europe countries I am a bit worried about bringing and traveling in the right kind of clothes. I am probably just over worrying. I am sure it is going to be amazing!

I won't bring my laptop I wont update my blog while I'm away, I suggest all curious souls check out my instagram @ edgypop! :)

Have a great week, sweeties. And I'll be back next Saturday :)

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fredag, juni 21, 2013

Summer breeze~

Tomorrow night I am finally heading off to Alcúdia with M and his family, and I felt like finding and sharing some summer inspiration. While wearing a facial mask which looks like I've smudged chocolate on my face. Hope nobody spots me in the window! I am also considering starting to plan my packing soon. What to bring? First time traveling to a hot place - not easy! 

All pictures are found on We<3it, so if you want to track down the source just go here.

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torsdag, juni 20, 2013

Confusion & Bikinis

In all honesty, I 've had no clue what to blog about lately. I feel like that by returning home from UK, a big part is just over, like that. And It has probably given me the clueless feeling of "what am I going to do now?. And it has affected this blog. So, lets talk about Bikinis.

Because every damn year the bikini trend is just horrible, it never fails. Either it got horrible patterns, thousands of pallets stuck to it, or it is in a horrible shape. I do not want one where I will get a big white banner on my back if I tan in it. I do not want a strapless one. Nor one with these big rings or ornaments - that will give you an awkward tan. No, I want it simple. I want the triangle shape, the one you tie in a ribbon yourself.

Here is what I got so far:

2011: This was the year I could not find anyone I liked, and the green flower bikini is the perfect example of me just grabbing one in the end of a hours long hunt in annoyance. It is dark coloured and the triangles are waay to long. The only smart thing about this one is the rubber at the edges of the triangles, preventing it from slipping. Still, I hate it. But until summer 2012 it was the only one I had.

2012: This year, I could not find a set in my size at all so I had to mix&match. But I was, and I still am, quite satisfied about this one. I loved and love the leopard print, it has the perfect shape, extra padding to keep the shape and no extra ornaments. Beads at the end of the strap is okay.

2013: This year I intended to take advantage of being in UK, to find me a bikini of it own - one that the shops at home would not have. So I opted for the neon orange-pink one, the pictures do not do the neon colour its justice. This is also the perfect shape, and has extra padding. It has small ring ornaments, but they are tiny enough to not bother me. And I was right about Norwegian shops. While Forever21 had long rows of neon coloured bikinis, I have just spotted a few in Trondheim.

I also found me a second one after returning to Trondheim. Well, going to Alcudia gives me reason enough to get two bikinis this year, right? So when I spotted the summery and fresh patterned bikini top on sale I went on a hunt to find a bottom piece that matched. Which I had to hunt for a while, and take the best match I could find.

Actually, this one got pretty big stone ornaments at the end of each straps, but this time it worked for me. They are delicate and decorative. Instead of being annoying and bothersome. It just gives the top the perfect southern look. And of course, it is the two fresh coloured ones I am bringing with me to Alcúdia.

Which is in.... two days! Have you planned any trips this summer?

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torsdag, juni 13, 2013

Instagram #7.2013

1. Sunny day in Wolverhampton~
2. To perfect to not buy, adorable notebooks for writing!
3. Ali painted a sun in one of my notebooks :)
4. Writing makes me feel gooood. 

5. The last outfit picture from Wolverhampton.
6. This is so true.
7. Colouring hair for cheap £25! (would cost at least the double in Norway)
8. May unfortunately be a bit lighter than planned, but I like to think it got more a blank shine, rather than golden. 

9. Last movie night with the girls in UK means: skittles, popcorn and more sweets~
10. So much time at hand, so many quests to do!
11. Night before M was coming to UK.
12. When I just had picked him up at the airport :3

13. Chilling in bed on a sunny morning. Nice.
14. Necklaces made by Ali, so talented! :)
15. A lot of stuff in two suitcases! Still can't believe this + one bag of clothes was all my stuff. 
16. Ready for first take of out of 3! (sadly wasn't sitting with M on this one :(( )

17. But I did on the 2nd take off! 
18. 3rd plane done, had to pinch myself to believe I almost was home in Trondheim. 
19. And then I was home to the lovely view from the kitchen window and so much more :)
20. Hanging plants is becoming a trend, loving it.

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Sushi & a fluffy dog~

Yesterday I met up with Vero for shopping & sushi~! Can't think of a better way to meet up with a good friend and catch up while discussing clothes and trends. It was also nice to catch up with norwegian store. Of course I ended up buying some, but I'll probably make another post for that. 

After shopping we went to eat some sushi, which was yummy! Rare how sushi is more available here than in Birmingham... It is popping up new sushi restaurants all the time here. Or so it feels. Not that I am complaining! After the delicious meal we popped by another store before we decided to go home to Vero so I could meet with Vinni :)

My and V's shopping bags~!

Yummy yummy sushi!

Meet Vinni! So adorable~ 
Love this pick of him :)

Vinni and his proud owner - Vero :)
Vinni was so adorable and fun. Loved playing with him, so much energy! Hard to take pictures of tho, since he is almost all black, besides of a "secret" white spot on the chest. Which  I didn't notice before Vero told be about it. 

We actually ended up eating more sushi home at Vero's and talking while playing with Vinni. Suddenly time flew by so fast and I realized I had to go home and grocery shop some before M got home. It was a lovely day, and it was so good to see Vero again :)

X X O X X  ( [ ] u [ ] ) y~

onsdag, juni 12, 2013

Squirrels in West Park & leaving UK

This post is an awkward combination of these cute squirrels of West Park and the fact that I have returned to Norway for good. Now, I did not intend on leaving the blog hanging for a week, but I got kind of busy with moving.

On Thursday the 6th of June I picked up M on Birmingham Airport, and we spent the day being lazy, eating take away pizza and taking a walk around West Park. On Friday we went to my university so I could show him my work, and around the school for a bit. I also had to bug him a little with going buy a accessory shop to find some gifts for my friends, and of course spending ages in there.

Later on that Friday we went to Cosmo to eat with my class, which is my favourite restaurant in Wolverhampton. The dinner lead to a drink at a nearby pub, and later going to a bowling/arcade across the street to waste some coins. It was lovely.

Rest of the weekend we cleaned, washed bathtubs and dusty corners, threw away a lot of trash in a recycling system that was full of failures and tried to balance all my belongings between two suitcases and a North Face bag of 90 liters.

Monday the 10th of June was the big day. The one day we managed to sleep for to long. But we still found time to wash our faces and looking decent before the taxi arrived. And Norway(read Trondheim) was just a taxi trip, a train ride, 3 flights and one bus away. And guess what? Everything went perfectly fine until we arrived Gardemoen Airport, where we barely managed to catch our train.  Picking up, re-checking in baggage, getting though the security check AND running to the gate farthest away in 50 min is not ideal. But we made it.

And I am quite proud to say that I unpacked both suitcases and the bag yesterday. I tend to leave it for a week. Also, I am not quite sure it has hit me yet, that I am home. This is where I am going to live. I am not visiting my boyfriend for 3 weeks, no, I am actually living here. I think I need to pinch myself and check every hour or so.

Hope everyone is doing fine~!

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onsdag, juni 05, 2013

Returning to home, but leaving a lot behind

Uh-oh. It is time for a bit heartfelt and touchy blog post. Because in merely 5 days I am moving back to Norway. Back to Trondheim. My city, my life. Moving in with M, my boyfriend! That is something big. It is exciting, I am looking forward to it so much. To live with him. To start my career. Which to me feels like starting my life for real. M is coming to UK tomorrow to spend the last days here with me, to help me out e.g., and I appreciate that a lot.

But, no matter how happy I am about all this a part of me can't help but feeling tiny bit sad too. I am leaving more behind than what I expected I would when I first landed in Birmingham Airport September 2012. There is a lot of emotion laying in between the walls of School of Art and Design at University of Wolverhampton. Although I have just been there for 1 year. It is something about affording to walk to Starbucks in lunch breaks and buy a big black coffee for take-away. About cashiers saying "are you alright, darling?" or bartenders saying "are you being served, love?". This politeness that was awfully awkward the first months, but which I have now grown used to.

And I have connected and made friends. From Uk, China & Romania. I never thought I would meet people I would click so well with, and which I dread splitting with. A sweet girl from China who is always happy and spread happiness. An incredible singer from Romania, who thought me that designing isn't about liking it when its going good, but to love every aspect of the process. Two girls I love discussing cultural differences with, or to just watch a movie with Chinese subtitles too.

In the end it is not the place it self I am leaving, I am leaving the people. People who will leave too. Girls who I hope to stay in though with for as long as possible. And I regret nothing. The stress, frustration. The anger, the relief. The joy and being constantly amazed. I have grown so much as a person this year. If somebody asked me if I would do it again, the answer will be no. But if somebody as me if I would recommend doing a year abroad, the answer will be a big big yes. You will learn so much from it. You will learn new things about yourself.

This year has been amazing!

X X O X X  ( [ ] u [ ] ) y ~ 

Instagram #6.2013

1. Been searching forever after a sporty looking long top, surprisingly found it at Primark.
2. when I saw these I knew I had to have one. In love with the reusable and recyclable take-away look-a-like tumbler. 
3. I am the kind of girl who has to wear new buys instantly the day after, love to match this top with fake leather leggings. 
4. Another new buy: coolest crop top in the closet right now! Also from Primark :)

5. Only summer dress bought this year so far, a cut-out stripy one. Love it~
6. Finalising work with putting people in, if you can spot them!
7. Nothing like a sunny Saturday in Birmingham with Shirley:)
8. And eating my favourite Bento box at Ocean Dragon~

9. Lovely sunny day in Wolverhampton spent in the West park with Ali~
10. Weighting up grey&rainy weather with being colourful :)
11. Going to sleep with a purring cat, love the Sleep Sounds app. It is just to put on whatever that relaxes you :3
12. New favourite hairstyle at the moment, probably going to be the most used one this summer :)

13. Business cards ordered from Moo - glossy glossy~
14. Got my first Graze box - natural snack delivered in the mail. 
15.  Look at the gorgeous snacks!
16. Right before the degree show kick off :)

17. Cute kitty on the roof top - view from my window ;3
18. New addiction, who ever decided to make chocolate with peanut butter inside is a genius! 
19. Just love the fact that if you are carving chocolate what you really want is Magnesium. 
20. Coffee foam <3

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mandag, juni 03, 2013

Bohemian summer, where have you gone?

Today is was officially 1 week until I am moving home. And just three more nights until I am standing at Birmingham Airport waiting for M to arrive. Can't believe my last week in UK is already here. The degree show is going steady, and today I went for a run after it closed for the day.

On Saturday I went to Revive Hair Artist to cut my hair, and was happily told I didn't need to cut more than a couple of centimetres - in spite of not having cut it since June last summer! I must have done something right. Tomorrow I will go back to colour my hair. Getting the blond part dyed to match my roots aka my original hair colour. I am keeping my tips dark tho~!

I have one wish, Norway, and that is that you keep holding on to that good summer weather till I come home! Or at least spare something for later to me.

X X O X X  ( [ ] u [ ] ) y ~