søndag, april 21, 2013

Quirky glasses

Cant want to pick up my glasses tomorrow! Hope everybody had a nice weekend. G'nite~
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torsdag, april 18, 2013

Instagram 20.03~22.03

My eyes are burning, and all I want to is to sleep. But I can't help but feeling bad for not doing the number one thing I love to do on my free time - blogging. Truth is I don't have much time left of the day when I pack my things and go home for the day. And I rather spent those few hours eating, staring out in the air, listen to music and get ready for bed. Ready for a new day to do something else I really love to do - design interior. 

You may call me a workaholic for actually loving being so busy with something. But that is the truth. So I am pulling this blog on a semi-hiatus. Nothing big, nothing to worry about. I will still try to blog when I can, and I'll try to blog though my phone. But there will be no high quality pictures, long post where I write and ramble. 

Blogging forward to 16th of May will mostly be work in progress pictures, instagrams, inspiration, and in the moment snaps from my phone without much text. Like this I will still be able to update. I am after all handing in my major project, technical project and marketing project soon. Until the 16th of may, PICTURES:

X X O X X  ( [ ] u [ ] ) y ~ 

mandag, april 15, 2013

You have to work with what you got~

As strange it may sound, that is what you have to do. Far to alien for some. Anyways, as I have no space really to snap pics of outfits I just have to use whatever I got - and pixelate the mess! My skew door became boring, and I like landscape pictures. And my flower pants from Forever21.

Also, my hair looks like a bird nest, I had been out in the strong April wind. And for those who has issues with bare feet, sorry no shoes allowed in my bed. AND, for the last time, I wore a scarf as hair accessorise again. I am quite pleased as that. Busy days and working in the workshops where hair as to be tucked away, gives little inspiration to do much with my hair. But putting it up in a bun or something is win-win.

Mandatory sleeping picture ofc...
Love love love my jeans <3

At last I just have to tell you that I went to specsavers to buy me new reading glasses. There they had a 2 for 1 offer, and the designer glasses where quite cheap - for a norwegian girl. So I got myself a pair of French Connection and Gok Wans! Both quite nerdy and quirky~ I will actually get them on Monday to pick up, so expect pictures of them then :)

Have a nice evening ;3

X X O X X  ( [ ] u [ ] ) y ~

søndag, april 14, 2013

Forever Flowers~

Yesterday, I was in Birmingham with Shirley & a friend. After doing some errands we had, we decided to go to the Bullring and have a look. It didn't take long before we where at Forever21, and let me tell you, we spent about 2 hours there. The store is so incredible big and amazing. Found my bikini for the summer there, but that is for another post.

What this is about is me always having wanted and dreamt about jeans/trousers with flower patterns. And I have seen many, many good ones, many horrible ones, and many that I didn't want. But that was until I came to Forever21 and found these. I am in love. 

I can now face the summer with my own floral patterned jeans. And the best is the colour combination. Dark undefinable grey and neon flowers. I love the neon trend this year~

XXOXX ([]u[])y~

fredag, april 12, 2013

Korean Ginseng, Rain & Trinity College~

Back to UK means back to a busy schedule. But the motivation is there, because in one moth I have handed in all my projects. Up till then my blogging might be random, there might be days of no blogging and there might be days with several updates. I don't know, and I wont promise anything. Still, there is time for a Instagram update.

1. Taking my energy back, does it work? I like to think so ;3
2. Running fabulously late, as always~
3. Planning the model!
4. Hairdo of the year, according to me, I love this.

5. No-sleeve peplum tops and no spring&sun? Have a shirt/long armed top underneath.
6. Rocking the cross.
7. Cold? My knitted wollen over-knees takes care of that~
8. Beanie & attitude. 

9. Trying to keep the good good mood...
10. Packages from Japan always contain good fashion objects ^^
11. Looking angrily at my bag... it was lacking my adapter so I could charge my laptop.
12. Birds bathing on the rooftop~

13. On our way to Cambridge it was raining....
14. Saluting Cambridge with a cup of coffee (with a man swimming in it)
15. The epic Peterhouse College, one of the oldest.
16. Food time!

17. The foreigner  picked the safest meals, and the Chinese girls food looked so yummy!
18. At the entrance of Fitzwilliam Museum.
19. Inside Trinity college. 
20. It was so amazingly pretty. 

XXOXX ([]u[])y~

onsdag, april 10, 2013

Cambridge II

Of course it was more tempting to blog about Norway when I was there. So I left that promised update about our Cambridge trip hanging. I am sorry for that. Now that I am in UK again I think it is about time to post the second part!

I left it at Fitzwilliam Museum last time. Sadly we wheren't allowed to take pictures inside, except for in the entrance. SAD, because the baroque/roman interior inside was amazing - AMAZING. And the exhibition was impressive. I especially loved the old egyptian part. 

Afterwards we walked up the road because the most known colleges was along it. We first arrived at a small one called Petershouse. Then we wandered to Kings College (I believe), which where closed to visitors. So we had to admire the beauty from the outside. 

Ready to enter Fitzwilliam Museum~!
The amazing dome ceiling inside the entrance.
Happy girls~
Peterhouse college!
Curious Shirley
The backyard or... small garden?
Cute girls and amazing old building :)
Entering the back garden~
Which seemed quite ... exotic? 
Leaving Peterhouse college
King's College! Such amazing architecture.
Safe to say it must be astonishing inside :)

XXOXX ([]u[])y~