søndag, mars 31, 2013

Synnove Gardvik Design

pssst...! I don't know if you noticed, but I have made a page for...well, myself & what I do. If there is anyone following my personal blog that want to follow me as a interior designerI would love if you would follow my facebook page.

Also, please check out my web site @ synnovegardvik.moonfruit.com 

Thank you so much!

XXOXX ([]u[])y~ 

A walk to the piers of Fevåg

On Good Friday Me & M went with his family to their holiday house for a day. Just to get away, to do something. We were incredible lucky with the weather, and the walk towards the pier was lovely. The blue sky reminded me so much about hot summer days. And when I was gazing at the sea from the pier, and having no snow in my sight, I always believed it was summer. 

It was M's dads birthday also, so after the walk it was coffee and cakes. Followed by some card games. Then it was dinner and more relaxing before we drove home. It was such a nice and lovely day. 

M was getting a cold, so he was wearing several layers of clothes. Cute.
Lovely lovely weather~
On our way to Fevåg piers. Not much snow, but some :)
Look at the gorgeous blue colour on the sky!
At the piers there's a pub... 
Super clear water, love the reflections. 
Ignore the snow and dream about hot summer days.
Looking back at where we came from.
Me, the photographer. 
Enjoying the sun. 
If this picture doesn't resemble a hot summer day then I don't know what will.
Throwing/flipping rocks in the sea. Something I can't do at all.
Returning home.

The walk back to the house was really nice because we walked towards the sun, and it really warmed our faces. Nice to actually feel the sun on my skin. Easter weather can be quite magical with sun and melting snow. Now I want summer to come super fast! I want to return to Trondheim. 

XXOXX ([]u[])y~ 

torsdag, mars 28, 2013

New magazine, New inspiration: Jille March Edition.

Today has been a really slow day, colouring technical drawing in Photoshop is the slowest and most boring work ever. But it has to be done. Although, I am slightly panicking because I am not working on my major project, and tomorrow we are going away! 

Anyways, this morning I was looking though a magazine I have never seen though before, Jille. It doesn't feel like a typical gyaru mag. It may not be gyaru at all,  just pure japanese fashion.  It seems a bit more sporty and boyish than my favourite mags, but it is nice to try something new. Sometimes it got a bit to masculine for me, but they still had some awesome shots and outfits! I really love the baseball jacked outfits, and the one where the model is wearing glasses, peplum skirt and sneakers. Sporty is cool. 

Also, what the heck is the Swedish text doing on a purse/bag in a Japanese fashion magazine? That seem so random to me. 

I just love that first pic. At first I didn't see it, but then I reacted on the baseball and finally saw the while picture. 

The shot in the stair is just epic! 

Love that adorable mint green baseball jacket, and those sneakers. Adore how usamimi's (hardly remember what they where called!) are still in use. And teal + coral orange/red = Yes please!

All these outfits are sporty in a right way for me. I love all the jackets, wished I had them all. But some of these shoes are horrible. I am just visualizing them all with creepers and pumps! :)

Thiiink we are supposed to watch the last Matrix film tonight, so I'm gonna warm up some left overs from yesterday, bring out the sweets and a Cider with rose taste. I was about to write it is to bad M don't have a microwave, but he does. So, it is SO SO BAD that I didn't think of buying a pack of microwave popcorn...!

Anyways, have a nice Thursday night everyone :)


onsdag, mars 27, 2013

Hair, Manchester & Architecture.

I am just throwing in another post before going out with M and some of his friends for a beer or two. Or in my case, a glass of wine. You can tell by the fact that I am updating twice today, that I haven't gotten much work done. Oh well, there is always a tomorrow~

1. Definitely love the double tie hairstyle on this side, hiding my outgrowing side cut ^^
2. A sneak peek at my colour full major project!
3. What to do to take care of dry and split ends?
4. Just love the combo of pink-red lips and these sunglasses.

5. So in love with this beanie~
6. Summer please come fast, I cant wait to go to Alicante with M <3
7. So satisfied that I picked this shirt in black, so in love with it :D
8. Starring at the missing Y button whenever I am confused about something work wise.

9. When I was on my way to Manchester with Shirley~
10. At the old bathroom of the John Rylands library.
11. These sweatpants are well used, they are so perfect.
12. And we ate yummy Chinese food before we left.

13. When I was lying in bed with the flu I was looking back at moments from Manchester.
14. Doing what I am not supposed to do when sick - working.
15. Lovely Shirley at the Manchester Art Gallery.
16. Coffee addicted me ~

17. In between history there is modern history <3
18. How it looks though a glass, then a SLR lens, then a laptop screen, then a mobile lens~
19. Beautiful weather in Manchester.
20. <3

XXOXX ([]u[])y~ 

Arriving at Cambridge

Finally, I have edited some pictures from the Cambridge trip. I took over 600 pictures as there was just too much worth taking pictures off, so filtering these will take a while. Also, I think there will be more than just three posts from this trip :) I will update some pictures e.g. from Trondheim in between these. 

Anyways, the trip was by far the most awesome one. Incredible how amazing company makes a trip so much more fun. We started the day by walking to the tourist information, for a map we realised we didn't need, and for a cup of coffee. Then we walked to the Fitzwilliam Museum, which is an incredible building in itself. So grand and so amazing. Too bad it we weren't allowed to take pictures inside, because the ceiling design was amazing! Anyways, enjoy~

I really love these trees where the trunk is covered in leafs. 
Can you get it more British? Green grass, bench and a red phone booth.
waaah, all this greenness!
Shirley wanted to go boating, but we protested because it was raining...
On our way to the heart of Cambridge
My mind exploded when I saw the bikes on the building, somehow I thought it was quite amazing!
Shirley being super adorable <3
I had the wrong light setting (too cold/blue), but still the grass was so green! For a Norwegian it is pretty strange to see such green grass in mid March. We still have snow today....
Adorable shopping window, I mean, Jelly cat~
We found us a man!
And crashed the court! 
One of the amazing college we couldn't get into. The college town knows how to take advantage of this, closing the colleges for visitors on Saturday then offering us payed tours to get inside them. Hell no~
The amazing Fitzwilliam museum! It was raining pretty bad at this point, so I had to snap a photo really fast!
Finally under the roof of the amazing museum. Here I was wiping off water of my camera, because I just couldn't resist taking pictures in the rain....
View from the stairs
Feeling so tiny under this massive and huge structure!
The very much incredible ceiling, it even had netting protection to avoid bits falling off, and possible in our head. Made me wonder how old this building is... it was built in 1848 :)
These photos were so fun to look at on our way home from the trips. This is why I love snapping several pictures at once. While the other two where figuring something out with the camera, Shirley discovered me snapping pics of them ;3
Looking at all these pictures now, I really really miss that trip! Also, on our way to the museum I was drinking coffee while walking and accidentally spilled some on my scarf. A man in a car parked right beside us gave us a pack of tissues. So kind! I ended up wondering if a Norwegian would have done the same? 

Anyways, I really need to start working now!

XXOXX ([]u[])y~