lørdag, september 21, 2013

Saturday Music

It is Saturday and I am just spending it relaxing on the couch catching up with the kpop world. Or at least the artists that I like. I'm also watching M play some new cyber shit game based on the old 80's superhero games. And just about now we have started to ponder about what we are going to have for dinner today. In other words, a perfect saturday.

Oh, and M bought me a bouquet of carnations. Ive been nagging him about flowers for ages, and our local grocery store sells carnations. I love them, they come in all kinds of colours and they are so delicate. I don't need red roses, I am more happy to receive carnations. 

And I thought I would share some new found songs, that I am way to late in finally listening to:

X X O X X   ( [ ] u [ ] ) y ~

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