tirsdag, mai 28, 2013

Cambridge III

Finally edited the third part of the Cambridge installment - a trip quite a while ago. 16th of March is like a distant memory, but this day is still very bright in mind. It was such a happy time! These pictures are from when we accessed to the backyard of the Trinity College, where the weather also started to get better. It was so lovely there, you could feel the college atmosphere!

After that we walked around a bit before we decided to eat at Hong Kong Fusion. I have no idea why I picked such a un-Chinese dish to eat there. Still a bit new to Chinese food? I don't really know. Anyways, we had a good time!

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mandag, mai 27, 2013

Instagram #4-5.2013

Flash of the past, I feel like a time traveller looking back this. Okay, that was a little inspired by Continuum, a series I am currently watching. My point here is, all these pictures of the past is still full of emotion, I can still feel how I felt. The stress, the tiredness, and just wanting it to finish. Now, although it feels the same it feels okay. Some part of me keep asking myself if I would do this again. There is a honest and big no as an answer. But I wouldn't feel as happy as I am now if I never did it. So many years of school, and I am finally done with my education!

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lørdag, mai 25, 2013

Eye sight check: Read the first line.

Seems like I can't do an outfit without a beanie. I blame the grey and cold British summer weather. But shhh, don't tell it. It is actually sunny today and above 10 degrees. Hopefully it is not going to cloud over soon by the time this is posted and I am in Birmingham enjoying a bubble tea with S.
Hope everyone is having a good Saturday~!

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Instagram #2-3.2013

So, here is an extra large Instagram update just to cover my Easter break and returning to UK. All this feels so long a go, so far away. And I don't miss it, the stress & the work. But there are some good moments in between it all that are pretty sweet memories to me :)

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