onsdag, februar 27, 2013

Wanted Dead or Alive

Pretty determent on getting this posed today, so I can update the last pictures from Bath tomorrow or on friday. Because on Saturday I am going on another University trip to Manchester!

Anyways, this is the outfit from Saturday, which I posted a sneak peak off. I looove that bright orange crop top from Galstar. Do notice that I am pretty aware of the tights top showing, and wouldn't have posted it if it bothered me. 

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tirsdag, februar 26, 2013

Having fun at trying :)

Love this hairstyle. Cute, messy and casual. Just perfect for a casual Tuesday :) Have a nice one~

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mandag, februar 25, 2013

Snow, nuts & style

1. Wolverhampton in late January. It is when I'm walking outside, feeling the cold wind on my cheeks I feel the most alive. No weather will stop me from being and feeling alive.
2. Feet on tiles~ I am very grateful for every unique day I get. There is no need to stress life away, did you know that stressing is really bad for your brain?
3. Happy face ^^
4. In Wolverhampton summer never went away, back in January the leafs and grass still where green from last year. 

5. Reverse it, t-shirt over shirt!
6. Rings in many forms <3
7. Whenever I wear my elephant ring I end up doing this.
8. The reverse outfit~

9. Love this combination, black bow, bullet necklace, military jacket and beige jeans :)
10. Not having weights, step case, space or time isn't an excuse on this house.
11. The outfit :)
12. Made roasted nuts, one set of honey&cinnamon and another with herbs&garlic <3

13. Can you tell that I am a vegetarian? And love my fruits, veggies and nuts very much?
14. Played with the eyeliner, going up semi mid-eye instead of on the edge.
15. Looks better irl, but love the style~
16. Military print shorts & burgundy maxi-skirt purchased :)

XXOXX ([]u[])y~ 

Jeg har forresten presentert bloggen min på Bloggurat.

søndag, februar 24, 2013

Give Me Bigger Eyes

It's a common thought that lenses and lashes gives the illusion of bigger eyes. I have had my period of lenses and lashes, think I had 2 lenses (blue and grey) and around a thirty kinds of lashes. I am done tormenting my eyes, as I torment them enough by working on my laptop all day. 

I still like the gyaru look and the winder eyes tho, so I tried to accomplish that by extended eyeliner and shadowing the eye right. Mission accomplished?

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lørdag, februar 23, 2013

Nordic Knit

On Thursday I came home to find this wonderful norwegian parcel from my dear friend, it contained norwegian rough grounded coffee, IFA - my favorite licorice pastils, and this glorious knitted shorts. I am so lucky that her mum made one for me, I am so happy and grateful for it. I love it. I love traditional knit patters from my home country and I love knitted shorts. 

Ps. You can now like my FB page to see when I update :) I would really appreciate it if you did :)


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Orange + skeleton

A peek of today's outfit ~

fredag, februar 22, 2013

Long Burgundy


04feb_01 04feb_02 04feb_03 04feb_04 04feb_05 

 I remember saying that I would never get a maxi-skirt when it first became a trend. I also said that I  would probably end up going back on my words. And I did. I got myself a lovely burgundy maxi-skirt. I love that the long skirt is chiffon and see-through, and that the under-skirt is short!

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Bath Part II

Time for another picture dump from Bath, and this time not too long ago since last post. I am posting the pictures according to how we actually walked our way though the city. So from The Circus we went to the Royal Crescent which lies right next to it. Then we walked down the Royal Victoria park, to a obelisk monument, before we turned our nice back towards the city. On our way though the park I chased some squirrels on the hunt for the perfect pictures, they where quite friendly! But that little event will get a post of it own~ On our way back to the heart of the city we passed a Georgian garden. A bit sad that we weren't there at a time when the flowers actually bloomed - but it was still beautiful, and the plants had such creative names. Well, enjoy~

F R O M   T H E   R O Y A L   C R E S C E N T . . . 
 . . . T O   T H E   G E O R G I A N   G A R D E N .

09feb_201 09feb_202 09feb_203 09feb_204 09feb_205 09feb_206 09feb_207 09feb_208 09feb_209 09feb_210 09feb_211 09feb_212 09feb_213 09feb_214 09feb_215 09feb_216 09feb_217 09feb_218 09feb_219 09feb_220

What do you think of Bath so far? ^^

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