onsdag, juli 31, 2013

Sun bed unknown 28.06

No response on the last entry where I had written in Norwegian to, silently agreeing? Well, I take it as a good sign then. Anyway, Friday the 28th was a yet another day which started off pretty cloudy. Which meant that instead of going to the beach as planned, we instead found ourselves some numberless sun beds by the pool and laid down waiting. Because the sun peeked through the clouds eventually. It even got so hot sunbathing that anti-pool swimming me had to take a dive!

Det var lite respons på at jeg hadde skrevet norsk på det forige innlegget, den som tier den samtykker? Tar det som et godt tegn jeg. Uansett, fredag den 28. var en ny dag som startet ganske overskyet. Noe som betydde at istedet for å dra til stranden som planlagt, fant man seg en nummerløs solseng ved basseng kanten og la seg ned for å vente. For det kom jo sol til slutt. Det ble til og med så varmt at anti-badebasseng meg måtte ta meg en dukkert likevell!

M&I bought us a music system from the Hi-Fi store, so right now I am enjoying good music until the clock reaches 11PM and I have to turn the noise down. It will be even better tomorrow when we get the right cable for the SUB. And pretty soon I'll be going to bed since I slept to little last night. And once again M is working night, but luckily it is for the last time this week! :)

Good night~!

I dag har jeg og M kjøpt oss nytt annlegg på Hi-Fi klubben,  så nå sitter jeg å nyter good musikk intill klokken slår elve, og jeg må dempe støyen. Blir enda bedre imorgen når SUB'en kommer på plass. Vi fikk feil leding til den. Er ikke bare bare når det er første gangen man kjøper seg annlegg. Blir bra til slutt. Skal snart krype til køys etter som det ble lite søvn forige natt, nokk en natt hvor M er på nattjobb. Men det er heldigvis siste gang for denne uken! :)

Snakkes imorgen~!

X X O X X  ( [ ] u [ ] ) y ~ 

How to spend an early morning after voluntary 5 hours sleep

Today I thought I would try something new, writing in Norwegian too! After an eternity of starring at the rain I came to conclusion that I might as well try it out. Last night I also thought it was smart to go to bed at 2AM and to get up at 7:30AM. Luckily I have a new and stunning coffee machine, so it was easy to make a cup of intense coffee after splashing my face with cold water. I was on my way to wake up properly. But I needed something that prevented me from turning on the telly and dozing off on the couch. So I found my favourite design magazine, snapped and edited some photos.

I dag tenkte jeg å prøve noe nytt, ja, skrive på norsk også! Etter en evighet med å stirre på regnet, så tenkte jeg at det kunne være noe å prøve. Inatt tenkte jeg også det var lurt å legge meg kl 02.00 for å stå opp 07.30. Heldigvis har jeg jo fått en ny og lekker kaffemaskin så det var lett å ordne seg en kopp kaffe etter at jeg hadde vasket ansiktet med kaldt vann. Da var jeg godt på vei til å våkne. Men jeg trengte noe som ikke fikk meg til å slå på tv og legge meg ned på sofaen og sovne. Så da var det bare å ta bilde av mitt favoritt design magazin og redigere bilder. 

The FX Photo Studio app is a pretty cool app if you ever get the urge to put on filters on your photos on a rainy day. The pro version isn't that expensive, and I am now considering to buy it when my trial ends. Afterwards I browsed myself to my recently started interior blog, which I am not entirely ready to share with you, and blog. To brag about the favourite mag: So incredible inspiring, specially this issue!

FX Photo Studio er en ganske alright app/program om man får en trang til å legge filter over bildene sine på en regnfull dag. Pro versjonen koster hele "svimlende" 140kr, og det er opp til vurdering å kjøpe. Etter det var det å dra fram den nye interiør bloggen, som jeg ikke er helt klar for å meddele med kjente og ukjente, og poste et innlegg om det. Og skryte om favoritt magasinet: Det er så ufattelig inspirerende, spesielt denne utgaven!

Then I realised that against the odds I had managed to stay awake for a couple of hours. Now it is time to make&eat some breakfast and get the day started. The time of starring at the rain, editing and morning blogging is over. Have a delightful rainy day!

Så innså jeg at jeg imot alle odds hadde klart å holde meg våken i ett par timer. Nå er det på tide med frokost, og få selve dagen i gang. Kosen med stirring på regn, redigering, og morgenblogging er over. Ha en forteffelig regnfull dag!

X X O X X  ( [ ] u [ ] ) y ~

mandag, juli 29, 2013

Sun bed 18 26.06

First of all, for those who wonder where the 26th of June is, I did not take any photos at that day for some reason. So we are skipping right to the 27th of June which was another lovely beach day! If it weren't for human needs, like food&toilet, I could have spent ages down at by the sea. We spent the morning at the beach with M's family, then we had some time alone chilling on sun beds ~

Looking up :)

M enjoying a San Miguel :)

Happy feet:)

Lonely cloud

Wine gum bears :)

Happy Boyfriend :)

X X O X X  ( [ ] u [ ] ) y ~

mandag, juli 15, 2013

A walk along the beach promenade 25.06

On Tuesday afternoon we decided to walk along the beach promenade to find a place to eat dinner. The beach was so quiet and beautiful, empty of multicultural tourists and locals shouting loud trying to sell fruits. I loved that, when all the tourist had gone back to their hotels to get ready for dinner, or was walking to a restaurant, the locals started using the beach. 

Not going to bother ruining the pictures with more text so: Enjoy!

X X O X X ( [ ] u [ ] ) ~

Sweet taste of inspiration

Oh, this is some seriously damn pretty and inspirational eye make-up I had to make an spontaneous update! I have always loved Happie Nuts for all the different types of eyeliners styles they have, so when I saw this I was instantly drawn to it - because it lacked the black line. But I love it. And I want to learn it. It is beautiful, don't you think?

I love being inspired to do make-up~

X X O X X ( [ ] u [ ] ) y ~

p.s.: I need to get that counter to work again:
Jeg har forresten presentert bloggen min på Bloggurat.

Pool Day 25.06

At Tuesday we woke up to another cloudy day, so we packet the bag, crossed our fingers, went down to the pool and hoped for some sun. Which finally broke through after a while. And for the record, sunbathing at the pool makes you lazy - you just don't want to go anywhere. 

The pool area of the hotel.

Got a adorable visitor, a quite huge lady bug. So happy I got a proper shot of it with my iPhone :)

Happy we finally got sun (handsome bf)

Happy toes~!
X X O X X  ( [ ] u [ ] ) y ~

søndag, juli 14, 2013

Biking though Alcudia 24.06

Another Sunday where M is working nights and I'm sitting here wondering what to do - and I realise I'm not half way through my planned post from our trip to Alcudia. My blogging spirit hasn't been on top, yet I filling up my days with workouts, walks, baking and more because I don't want my days to feel empty. Well, time to get that spirit back to my blog~

After hanging out on the balcony we decided to take a sightseeing/biking trip through the streets of Alcudia. At our hotel you could rent bikes for four persons or more. Tiny lucky me got to sit in the middle where you don't have to contribute to the pedalling, so I could sit and snap some shots. Fun!
Where a lot of these mascots running around in town, or riding on these cars

Alcudia got horse taxis too... :)

Returning to our hotel :)

After wards we had dinner at the hotel - where I got special made pizza baguettes, made with gluten free bread. And we decided to get some drinks/cocktails. The Manhattan was definitely my favourite.

X X O X X ( [ ] u [ ] ) y ~

fredag, juli 12, 2013

Ailee - U&I

Another powerful release by Ailee! I just love her voice so much. The Korean music industries need artists like her. There are too many artists that can't carry the songs though, (some are there for just rap or dancing skills) but Ailee is about voice, image and attitude. Don't get me wrong, there are several girls with powerful voices like CL, Minzy, Jia and more. So even though this song reminds me of Beyonce's Crazy in love, Ailee stands out to me as a Korean pop artist because of her powerful voice. Can't wait to hear this live.

X X O X X  ( [ ] u [ ] y ~

tirsdag, juli 09, 2013

Cloudy day + a balcony in Acludia

Second whole day in Alcudia started with an optimistic me who hoped for sun. It ended up with me putting jacket on and we all went to look around in local shops and play at the arcade. Then M & I decided to get a Chinese lunch menu, I had the Shrimp Chop Suey, and it was damn good. Then we just went for a walk along the water and did some more shopping before returning to the hotel.

Alcudia looking fine without sun. (Although I wished it was)

Loved walking on these rock pavements~

Wherever there was lollipops there was a lot looking like these in all colours and sizes, so silly!
 When we got back to the hotel we bought us a pack of cards so we could spend the afternoon at a cloudy Alcudia on the balcony. I got my Breezer with Melon taste and M got his San Miguel beer, and we opened the bottle of Hot N Sweet (which we bought at the tax-free) and had fun playing cards.

Then I asked M to snap some shots of me on the balcony, which ended with xx amount of pictures because I kept asking him to retake. Just never got satisfied. In the end M was just snapping shots because he found it funny. Anyways, I am always behind the camera. Fun to be in front of it sometimes :)

Loved the view from our room! In the night the blue pool would light up the place, and with was lovely to spend the nights on the balcony. 

And this is what happens when you give your boyfriend your camera. Haha.
X X O X X ( [ ] u [ ] ) y ~