onsdag, juni 05, 2013

Returning to home, but leaving a lot behind

Uh-oh. It is time for a bit heartfelt and touchy blog post. Because in merely 5 days I am moving back to Norway. Back to Trondheim. My city, my life. Moving in with M, my boyfriend! That is something big. It is exciting, I am looking forward to it so much. To live with him. To start my career. Which to me feels like starting my life for real. M is coming to UK tomorrow to spend the last days here with me, to help me out e.g., and I appreciate that a lot.

But, no matter how happy I am about all this a part of me can't help but feeling tiny bit sad too. I am leaving more behind than what I expected I would when I first landed in Birmingham Airport September 2012. There is a lot of emotion laying in between the walls of School of Art and Design at University of Wolverhampton. Although I have just been there for 1 year. It is something about affording to walk to Starbucks in lunch breaks and buy a big black coffee for take-away. About cashiers saying "are you alright, darling?" or bartenders saying "are you being served, love?". This politeness that was awfully awkward the first months, but which I have now grown used to.

And I have connected and made friends. From Uk, China & Romania. I never thought I would meet people I would click so well with, and which I dread splitting with. A sweet girl from China who is always happy and spread happiness. An incredible singer from Romania, who thought me that designing isn't about liking it when its going good, but to love every aspect of the process. Two girls I love discussing cultural differences with, or to just watch a movie with Chinese subtitles too.

In the end it is not the place it self I am leaving, I am leaving the people. People who will leave too. Girls who I hope to stay in though with for as long as possible. And I regret nothing. The stress, frustration. The anger, the relief. The joy and being constantly amazed. I have grown so much as a person this year. If somebody asked me if I would do it again, the answer will be no. But if somebody as me if I would recommend doing a year abroad, the answer will be a big big yes. You will learn so much from it. You will learn new things about yourself.

This year has been amazing!

X X O X X  ( [ ] u [ ] ) y ~ 

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