søndag, juli 14, 2013

Biking though Alcudia 24.06

Another Sunday where M is working nights and I'm sitting here wondering what to do - and I realise I'm not half way through my planned post from our trip to Alcudia. My blogging spirit hasn't been on top, yet I filling up my days with workouts, walks, baking and more because I don't want my days to feel empty. Well, time to get that spirit back to my blog~

After hanging out on the balcony we decided to take a sightseeing/biking trip through the streets of Alcudia. At our hotel you could rent bikes for four persons or more. Tiny lucky me got to sit in the middle where you don't have to contribute to the pedalling, so I could sit and snap some shots. Fun!
Where a lot of these mascots running around in town, or riding on these cars

Alcudia got horse taxis too... :)

Returning to our hotel :)

After wards we had dinner at the hotel - where I got special made pizza baguettes, made with gluten free bread. And we decided to get some drinks/cocktails. The Manhattan was definitely my favourite.

X X O X X ( [ ] u [ ] ) y ~

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